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    Premier's Reading Challenge

    This year we are encouraging all students to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Students are required to choose and read books from the PRC booklist. Once the required amount of books have been read, students are to return the completed Reading Log sheet to their classroom teacher.

    What is the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge?

    The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a voluntary challenge to encourage students to develop a love of reading.

    What will the students receive for participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge?

    All students who enter and complete the challenge will receive a Premier’s Reading Challenge certificate and their name published on an Honour role.

    When does the challenge start and finish?

    The challenge runs from March 5 until September 1.

    Reading Records

    Students are to keep a paper record of the reading challenge and bring to school when the challenge has been completed to be validated.

    Please click here to download a record sheet.

    How many books do my children need to read?

    Challenge Number of books needed to complete the Challenge Minimum number of PRC books for your Challenge Maximum number of personal choice books PRC booklist selection
    K-2 30 25 5 K-2,3-4,5-6,7-9
    3-4 20 15 5 3-4,5-6,7-9
    5-6 20 15 5 5-6,7-9

    Premier's Reading Challenge Booklist

    There and four booklists available: K-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-9. Students can read books at or above their stage levels.

    Please click here to view the Premier's Reading Challenge Booklists.

    Please record all of the required details, especially the ID numbers as this makes inputting the information significantly quicker.

    Students completing the K-2 Challenge can have a book read to them by the class teacher or parent.

    Where can I find the books from the PRC booklists?

    The books from the booklists can be found in the school library. These books can be identified by a coloured dot that is related to the booklist level. These books can also be found at Council libraries.

    Can I read any title in a book series? Can I read more that one title in a book series?

    Many book series, trilogies and quartets have been included on the Premier's Reading Challenge booklists. You can read and two books from a series from the Challenge booklist. Students are limited in the number of books they can read from each series to encourage readers to experience a wide range of books and authors.

    When do the certificates arrive?

    Every student who successfully meets the Challenge requirements receives a certificate signed by the Premier. The reading records must be handed in and validated by September 1 and no later. Certificates are distributed late Term 4.